About Us

We are a small Family owned Business

Anyone who had been to Pagosa Springs Colorado knows it is a special place. Located in the San Juan Range of the southern Rocky Mountains, the magnificence and beauty of this place rivals anywhere in North America. Anyone who has tasted Pagosa Springs Wildflower Honey knows there is something special about it also. A palette of high-altitude floral flavors dances on your tongue and delights the taste buds! This is no ordinary grocery store honey.

Pagosa Honey and Free Range Bee Ranch is family-owned and operated. We keep the bees,  harvest the honey, and bottle every drop ourselves. Our honey is raw and unfiltered, only strained to remove large pieces of wax and other solid matter. The pollen, small bits of propolis, and wax are maintained in the honey. 
Our apiaries are located throughout Pagosa country, ranging from 6300 feet to over 8000 feet elevation. I encourage you to try some Pagosa Honey from Free Range Bees, We know you’ll be delighted that you did, or return the bottle for a full refund.